Dirkjan Ochtman: writing


Published on 2012-06-16 by Dirkjan Ochtman in meta

I used to have a weblog. I took the posts offline 4 years ago, when I realized that some posts weren't fit for the public internet. Since then, I've used Twitter to vent random thoughts and links, but over the past year I've started to miss having an outlet for longer articles (and practicing my writing).

Iteration 2 will be mostly about techology; programming languages, version control systems, web technology and software engineering at large are just some of the topics I like to think about. If that seems a broad selection, I would agree: there are too many things I want to do. We'll see what's on here in a year or so.

So, consider this a blog reboot. I have a few topics lined up, but it's going to take some time to think through turning them into something presentable.